Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Designer

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I'm a developer, not a designer - I know my way around HTML and CSS. I also have a passing knowledge of Gimp and Inkscape. The technical stuff I don't have a problem with.

However, when I try to design a site myself the result is rather boring and minimalist. It's valid, accessible, SEO-friendly and so on, but it lacks originality and doesn't really stand out.

มีคำตอบมากมายหลายแบบ (แน่นอน คำถามมันปลายเปิดขนาดนั้น)


A lot of design is obsessing over the tiniest details that have a larger impact on the overall "feel" of the design than you might have anticipated.


I think if I could sum up effective web design today in a single word, it would be “subtlety”.
Most boring designs have no subtlety, because there isn’t really any detail there.
However, most really bad designs also have no subtlety, because everything is overdone.

(อะไรคือ subtlety?, ถ้าสงสัยแล้ว อย่าปล่อยให้มันลอยผ่านไปโดยไม่ค้นหา)

แล้ว Artistic หล่ะ

Artistic ability is a prerequisite to becoming a great graphic designer. That said, artistic ability is a skill.

skill คือ ทักษะ, ทักษะเกิดจากอะไร

it's practise, practise, practise like painting, because every project is different, every client is different and you can't afford to ever stop learning. In a roundabout way, for example, being a good photographer can be more important in design, than being good at photoshop.

It's about your ideas, ideas you can only get by having a massive arsenal of previous experience (personal is good, professional is better, you just need to have finished a lot of work). If you don't have this, you don't know what is possible and what you are capable of.

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